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Barclays Strategy designed by stocks and Forex market experts. Barclays Expert Advisor is an
innovative product that can help you achieved your short to long term financial goal.

This expert advisor is trusted by prominent and large financial institution over decades. It has produces new high net worth individual by simply using this fully automated trading software.

We can expect a return of at least 10% monthly with an average 500% yearly profit. With its high return, we could usually expect a high risk trading but Barclays system able to reached this high return with considerably low risk, its Drawdown are stably below 10% over many years.

Additional information


Metatrader 4

Money Management


Currency Pairs


Time Frame

Suggested on H1

Trading Strategy

Advance Price Action, technical – fundamental analysis


1:20 – 1:1000

Minimal Deposit



Any broker that allows EA trading


Above 15% Profit Monthly
Over 500% Profit Yearly


Barclays Indicator,
Does not need to upload and attached its already embedder inside the EA

Trading Setting


14 reviews for Barclays EA

  1. Sunan Toni

    I purchased the product about 2 weeks ago, today still thrilled on how Barclays EA enters the market perfectly. In a week my balance almost doubled! I am so happy and will definitely purchase other licenses as a gift for my parents

  2. Helena Wang

    Ok I need to admit that so far this is an amazing robot. Have been trading it live since 4-5 months and had only 2-5% loss trades, but that is not the end, on each of those loss trades a reverse trade has been opened to cover and I actually made money on some of those loss trades as well. 1050 trades so far. Generally opens and closes trades quickly, 1min and 6 secs this morning in GBPJPY for a $179.65 profit. Trades mainly Tue, Wed and Thurs, occasionally Fri.

  3. Sholeh Abram

    It is quite an expensive price but it is very valuable and I am completely satisfied.
    I could now be very relax in trading and monthly wise I harvest my profit more than enough to support my life

  4. Caroline Lin

    The BEST investment I have ever made!
    So exited at first I bought the system and it exceed my expectation when it pays back my whole investment purchase price within a week!

    My experience with Barclays EA is so blissful
    Secretly I plan to purchase a house by cash to surprise my partner and family with the profit I earned, its now entering my 2nd months using this system and have been able to collect about 25% of my goal to purchase my dream house

  5. Eduardo Phillip

    What I love about this auto system is its accuracy and its great backup system. I have tried so many commercial EAs could be over 30s within this 10 years, never I found a system so intelligent as Barclays EA. I have decided to stop hunting for any other EA, I don’t find any reason to do that anymore because I’ve now found the one that is truly working as well as giving high profit.

  6. Billy Coco

    EA makes good profit over the long run, maybe I was wrongly understood that it’s actually not as really I expected to earn over 250% weekly profit maybe in a month still possible and sometimes I feel its too much open order the other day too little open order..
    But then when I start to comprehend more, even if I get only 10% profit monthly with Barclays EA when compounded I can start retiring comfortably in 5 years from now. I’ve calculated carefully that my $5000 deposit will become $1,5 Millions in the next 5 years with only 10% monthly profit return.

  7. Devon MJR

    I wait to write this review after a straight 6 months of using it to make it more of a legitimate review
    Need to admit for its profit – risk stability even during this pandemic hard blow toward global economy, still it gives even greater positive and high profit trades in my account compare to any other systems.
    Thank you again to the whole Barclays EA team 🙂

  8. Olena Ivanov – Single mother with 3 kids

    I thank so much to the Barclays team to let me use this holy grail system, after few weeks of trading with the system I know I will never again worry about how to earn money in my daily life or for my kids’ future. Today is 1 year 5 days of my license, this EA has been proven to be very robust and stable to not just to cover our daily expenses but also building my wealth

  9. Dodik Suleyman-

    I tried so hard to find this EA product and service drawbacks..
    Maybe I found some little problem at first since I am a complete beginner and did not now how to put EA in my VPS, nonetheless the team just solved it in no time and its now been running for 2 weeks without any problem..
    Profit been a little slow at 3rd days but in a big picture I can see it will gives me around 30% monthly with my safe risk setting

  10. Jose Luis Fernando

    I lost my dearly job during this pandemic and was very desperate, perhaps to a degree of severe depression,, need to support my 2 kids, my wife, sometime my parents, not to mentions the house mortgage, car payment and whole lots of other debts.. What a disaster as I thought myself, yet somehow a friend of my wife that is already a member and own this Barclays EA license offer us to join-deposit with her. With no clue at all how to get out of this trouble, I dared myself to try it and was borrowing some money from both of our parents.. The result was amazing, in a month I already able to purchase my own Barclays lifetime membership and at 3rd months I was able to be free from all my debts.

    The key of this is I use the high risk, in a month, sometimes it reached 500% profit so in 3 months, when 80% of the profit were compounded my $2500 has become $160,000. I should not tell this secret, but this information is worth to share so people do not need to feel hopeless and depressed through the economy’s ups and down.

  11. Mark William

    So far very happy with the amazing performance and results. We can see it has the potentials to more than double our balance in a month.
    Good Job!

  12. Elizabeth Giorno

    Couldn’t be more satisfied, I got my license last week and has been able to return my investment flawlessly. I can confirm its robustness even on US election weeks went very well

  13. Joseph Tan

    It has been 2 months with my President Lifetime Membership and have seen each month the balance in my account is doubled which means more than 100% profit monthly is achieved. So I confirmed this is a really profitable EA, actually I don’t feel this is normal more like a magician 😀

  14. Octavia K.

    Profit Performance: 5 Stars
    Customer Service: 5 Stars
    Overall Product Satisfaction: 5 Stars
    Barclays support is very helpful, even though I am sort of new in this field but really actually everything is so easy and simple.
    So for profit I choose a moderate risk and able to get around 50% increase of my balance since last month
    Thank you Barclays team to let me have this most valuable investment in my life

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